Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beautiful memories

I have been putting off going to my maternal ancestral house for over 8 years now. That is the one place in the world where only happy memories exist. The only one who ever pestered me to go there has gone forever and left me alone in more ways than she can ever imagine. I love, absolutely love the journey to nani’s old house. Never ending stretches of paddy fields, soaked in water and in the process of getting flooded by rains during monsoons… the dancing peacocks and cool breeze. I haven’t done that in 8 long years out of sheer laziness and apathy. This time around... for sure

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Keep on movin (take 5)

I have been going in circles for a while now and while it is a futile activity, it does expand your ambit by allowing you to explore the peripheries. Arbit… extremely arbit. The nomadic self loves to tread on unchartered territories and yearns to live elsewhere. To complete the circle of life, I have to get going. Soon.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


There was a street I once knew, there are roads I can’t forget… there were riverets I sat by as ducks swam and there are nights I wished I was home. Yet its all so finely etched in my crystal memory that the shadows of the yore beckon me… Nomads don’t know where their heart lies, the bustling city or the solemn village.

This city of teeming millions winds you unto its own and you surrender to the pace and sometimes to the sheer lack of it. Every bit of the city screams for attention- for the beauty or the ugliness, you come to love it nonetheless.

Life takes you back to where it started and leaves you stranded at that corner… Not knowing where to turn, just walk to where the rainbow points.