Friday, December 14, 2007

Iran and the new dress code

We live in the 21st century and take basic rights like dressing the way we please for granted. Read today’s Reuters? Women in Iran have been banned from wearing hats without veils and boots if the pants worn with them are not ankle length. If the pants are tucked in the boots or show the female “shape” (what?!!), then that is in contradiction with the Islamic Dress Code. Who has written this dress code, I beg to know… This regressive and repressive attitude towards the sex formerly known as “fairer/gentler” is absurd. Why doesn’t the moral-religious brigade take up arms against drug peddlers and terrorists instead of wasting everyone else’s time?

An adrift mind...

"Loneliness wanders through the cold blue night, giving solace to the wind,
Water drops scatter the landscape into a hazy mirage…"

Every now and then I change the month card on my workstation calendar and wonder in amazement how the past year has zoomed by… The year has been really good and yet it brought me the worst. I lost some investments, mostly emotional and have spent most of this time, trying to keep the sanity of it all, together…