Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New story


October 7, 2007

There was a street I once knew, there are roads I can’t forget… there are riverets I sat by as ducks swam and there are nights I wished I was home. Yet it all, is so finely etched in my crystal memory that the shadows of the yore beckon me… Nomads don’t know where their heart lies, the bustling city or the solemn village.

This city of teeming millions winds you unto its own and you surrender to the pace and sometimes to the sheer lack of it. Every bit of the city screams for attention- for the beauty or the ugliness, you come to love it nonetheless.

Life takes you back to where it started and leaves you stranded at that corner… Not knowing where to turn, just walk to where the rainbow points.


June 15, 210

I found this file after over two and a half years and sit here smiling, staring at it. A friend, and he is the only one, claims that I hated Bombay. Well here is my example that I could never bring myself to hate the city that fed me, nurtured me and taught me more about life than any other place ever could.

Now, the Delhi tenure has come to complete a total of two years and life has taken a settling turn. The nomad still hates the permanency and continuity, yet she has learnt a valuable lesson… one that of marriage. A marriage changes your ways, in so many ways... I can’t leave a city on my whims and fancies. I have another life that I am spiritually albeit happily bound to. All that I can hope is that my soul mate finds his own gypsy and we can take another great journey, another move together. My soul has no roots, not the geographical ones… but yet I find myself rooted to him. Eternally.