Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coffee stains and old wishes

Coffee stains, a white mug, leftover sugar and a cookie. We enjoy our moments and then put them away in dusty corners for storage. We never take them out, dust them and re-use them. We need to... Like the empty coffee mug, enjoy the coffee and re-use it to fill it up with more of something, later. I am re-cycling a wish today. I have been walking the grass with my eyes closed, don’t know where I am headed. I need to look for my path, the path that will lead to where my heart belongs... I know where my heart belongs. How splendidly blessed I am to know where it belongs, unlike people who spend half their lives searching within themselves for the feeling of belonging and spend their other half trying to achieve it. I have known since I was 17 where I wanted to go, I have spent 11 years walking in circles... it is time to walk to the road less travelled... winding and full of thorns, but promising as hell- the promise of fulfillment.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

New beginnings

Smoking her pipe, singing "country roads", wondering where home really is. Displacement brings her happiness and permanency is a bore. Rain excites her, those clouds must have travelled from a distance afar, carrying sounds from another world, folk lores from the yore... they burst where they feel like... they live how they want. Wish she was a cloud and cloud live her fantasies out...She taps her feet on the patio, waiting for another season to end and for another to start. Endings generally bring new beginnings...