Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Forbidden Land- Tibet

Tibet has enchanted people for centuries as the forbidden land of Shangri-la which has been described in Buddhism as the “Garden of Eden”, tucked away from mankind where only those who are enlightened can have access to. This plateau called the roof of the world is surrounded by myth and mystery. One can only experience the beauty of the ancient land if one treads there.

However, somehow the plight of Tibet has gone unnoticed by the Western Media and in general, the whole world. After forced occupancy, human rights violations and violations of every fundamental right known to man, China continues to inflict torture on any person possessing even a picture of HH Dalai Lama. The ratio of Chinese: Tibetan in Tibet is 12:1. The Han Chinese have taken away trade and administrative responsibilities from the Tibetans and despite the fact that China is developing the region, its doing so for its own profitable purposes and none of this money ever reaches the locals. The tightened Media regulations and a lack of right to information law in China adds fuel to the fire.

When China destroyed the Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet and ruined their cultural and religious heritage, proclaiming to liberate the Tibetans from Lama-ism, the biggies kept quiet and so did everyone else. It’s not your problem till it happens in your backyard or worst still – your own house. The only country (and I’m proud to say this) which came to their aid was India who offered them political refuge.

I’m glad that something I was an integral part of for 3 years did something to further the cause of Tibet- check this, second posting about Human Rights Cell, Symbiosis Law College, Poona-

Buddhism is the most peace preaching religion in the world, and what does China call its war on Tibet? War on secessionists and hence war on terrorism. Jeez…

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