Saturday, April 15, 2006

The bliss in ignorance

Why is that the mere mention of the topic of human rights to your contemporaries incites them to categorize you as a “jhola-kurta” type comrade or they instantly suggest you to join politics!Strange… At least the law students of the country should be sensitized and made socially responsible. Today, the “big” law colleges go about brandishing their moot court winners, not the activists. The young students would follow what’s glamorized to them.

Moving onto a bigger problem is the sheer apathy of educated people towards the problems plaguing the society. They lack the grassroots level knowledge and blame everything on the system. Little do they know that the very politicians they vote for run the brothels which treat sex workers as bonded labour, the big beggary rackets in which little kids are maimed in order to beg for alms. If we don’t do something then no one else would either and we can all live blissfully ever after in our little ignorant world.


Vishal Yaduvanshi said...

Brilliant blog..i'd say i'd fall in the categories tht u've mentioned..apathy, ignorace..but then i guess all one needs is ONE person who can direct them, or atleast show them wht the truth is and leave it upto them to decide..

someone raise ur hand, and rest assured people will follow..!!!

Rachita Bansal said...


i agree with vishal
leadership is a very important aspect to put words into practice.
And especially with politicians of countries like INDIA(I have no idea about UK's government) where leadership is only a privelege, and shares no responsibility.
The respomsibility is no-ones
its like jungle-rule.. every man for himself
We do need a Rang de basanti here!

The Acid Tongue said...

u used to lotsa rejecting or what lollz j/k
Thanks for getting back and telling me.
But theres something in the last line of vishal's comment that i forgot to mention... In my beloved country, raise up a hand.. and others raise their's too.. some to pelt it down with stones, others to oppose you. It takes a real leader to calm everyone downand then lead the unorganisedn herd.

About the blog,its sobrilliant, i am hoping to be regular.