Thursday, August 07, 2008

The squirrel, the hole and the cake

It couldn’t have been denied to her.. the sweet innocent girl that she had been, for the longest time, undemanding and yielding. It was after all, only a simple slice of chocolate cake. She ran out in the garden, her soft curls flying back, and her pink frilly frock doing its own little ballet. She tripped on a rock and fell into the dug up hole. The hole was never visible to her before, but now she could see for what it really was- an escape. A beautiful strawberry bush grew in the corner and the little one went over and plucked a few. Suddenly, magically, of course, a squirrel appeared in the corner. There was nothing unusual about the squirrel, except that it was wearing an apron! A tiny squirrel apron. The little one waved a hello to the strangely civilized squirrel. It was returned by a shock and a yelp for help and the animal scampered out of the hole.

To this day she wonders if it was a figment of her overactive and over-magical imagination or was it, eerily, real?



Arjun said...

interesting figment.....
... squirrely apron indeed!!

You can always come over to our place.. we have tons of squirrels that have made their abode on the fringes of our dwelling!!

Rachita Bansal said...

bout time yes.. i have been in delhi long enough to give an excuse other than- i dont know the way to gurgaon :(:( sob sob.

SMM said...

I want chocolate cake toooooooooo