Monday, February 02, 2009

Thank you Arpit!

So in the middle of my whining tirade, a friend cheered me up... This is what he wrote:

U know they built the great wall of China to stop RB from entering..
They failed miserably.
RB can set ants on fire. With a magnifying glass. At night.
RB did in fact built Rome in a day..
RB can judge a book by its cover.
RB once kicked a horse in the chin. Its descendants today are known as giraffes.
RB Doesn't wear a watch. She decides what time is it.
RB's Pulse is measured on the Richter scale..
RB had to stop washing clothes in the ocean.. The tsunami's were killing people.. She just said oops.
RB cannot be found through google. U simply cannot find her. She finds you.
RB can watch an episode of 60 mins in just 22 seconds..
RB can sneeze with her eyes open..
RB doesn't own a house. She walks into random houses.. And people just move..
RB can smell, what the rock is cooking.. Coz the rock is her personal chef.
RB can divide anything by zero..
RB had counted to infinity. Twice.
RB doesn't go on the Internet. She has every Internet site stored in her memory. She refreshes web pages by blinking.
RB uses pepper spray to spice up her steaks.
RB is the sweetest friend of the fuRBall. Period.

He tells me these are popular over the net, but anyways.... A BIG AWWWWWW.... Thanks ARPIT, you are the sweetest :-)


SMM said...

RB does 4 people's work in 1 hour :P

Arpit Higgins said...

Come no.. U didnt hav to. Perhaps u could've added
Rb doesnt need to show off. There's arpit to do the job..

zephyr said...

"RB can smell, what the rock is cooking.. Coz the rock is her personal chef."

HAHAHAHAHAHHA... This one had me in splits!!!! AWESOME WORK ARPIT!! :D

RB is an awesome listener and makes the perfect 'ooohs' when ur telling her juicy gossip.. ;)

Rachita Bansal said...

awww guys.. thanks!

ZEP: RB is also a non stop chatter box! :D U haven't been inflicted yet