Thursday, April 02, 2009


Jagdish Tytler goes free again. Tytler feels “vindicated” because “the case destroyed” his career. After the Nanavati Commission and all the various admin commissions set up before Nanavati, took little or no cognizance of implication of Congress leaders in the Sikh riots of 1984 in Delhi, the last bolt from the Congress before the elections this year was to “vindicate” its tarnished leader- Tytler by giving him a clean chit. Strange coincidence it is then that Manmohan Singh had announced during one of the first parliamentary sessions of his government, that “the issue of 1984 riots will be revisited as there is an existing sentiment that justice did not prevail”. In 5 years, they replicated their previous achievements in this regard. The others, despite clear and pressing evidence, also went scot-free- HKL Bhagat died in 2005. This is the distressing political state of our country- one young and previously unknown leader from the opposition makes communal and disturbing remarks about another religious community while the ruling party vindicates the likes of Tytler who is purportedly responsible, along with Bhagat, for deaths of over 4000 Sikhs in Delhi in 1984. Jai Hind! Long live democracy... and oh yeah.... please vote!
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Movie: Amu
Book: When a tree shook Delhi- Manoj Mitta and H.S Phoolka


J said...

Do you have Amu?

Arjun said...

this country and its people...
we're special....
reward the rich.. punish the poor.... kill the innocent and set free the dogs!!

SMM said...

This is the story everywhere. We always hope for justice don't we but the rich and the powerful get off everytime damn time.

Btw your tagged.

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pankaj said...

hmm gussa

Sandhya udayshankar said...

i love amu, it was one the most touching movies ever..
Unfortunately this is the sad sad situation in India.