Friday, September 19, 2008

Of Tobacco and nothing else...

So while all my colleagues (I work for an NGO) have really depressing looking desk calendars, my workstation has one from Taj, a vestige from my corporate past. And this month it has given my desk a nice looking young man. It is out of place with this delirious and dust ridden place. Like red in the desert and white in a coal mine. The frustration, this time around is deep rooted. I want to climb the rooftop and scream “NO MORE TOBACCO”. But Alas, the Boss has different plans for me.


Arjun said... everybody smokes....!!
Come Oct 2 - your slogan of NO MORE TOBACCO becometh a law :-)

The Proverbial Abyss said...

i dont even have one on my desk.i have fish though

Rachita Bansal said...

i want pauddhaa :)