Friday, October 03, 2008

The burnt writing

So here I’m, finally warming up to the good old Dilli. Bombay lives on in the corpuscles, but the NCT takes over life. The warmth is diminishing and the days are getting shorter. The charming Dilli winter is around the corner, waiting to be welcomed by all and sun-dry.

My phase jumping decision holds good and looks good so far. I shall stick to this phase till all reserves of patience are exhausted.

The nomadic wheel is craving for the unknown and soon it shall receive its due. I wish to explore in galore.

She picked up the last piece of the burnt manuscript from the hearth and tried to read the 3 or 4 lines which were visible. Sometimes, she does that, burns her own writing, sometimes out of dissatisfaction and sometimes due to sheer anger at someone else. This time, it was anger. But then she read her own words, beautiful as they seemed to her… “Hope is a flower living in oblivion, surviving in a field of shattered dreams…”. The anger dissipated and a smile floated on her tired lips. She sat down to finish her story, the story of a lonely soul wilting away in hills, the story of hope, the story of a man who is a savior and a lover…

Our hearts constantly challenge our resolve and more often than not, they beat our heads at it.

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