Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Randomness at its best

Sometimes, I’m really random. So this post isn’t the usual fiction/fact bordering on madness type. This post is dedicated to crappy madhumakhi (bee in Hindi) jokes. The first one I heard from a friend and the rest I made up:

  1. What is the ghutna of a madhumakhi called?
  2. When a madhumakhi loses a war what is it called?
  3. When a madhumakhi is in pyaar what is it called?
  4. When a madhumakhi is a boy in pyaar, what is it called?
  5. When a madhumakhi is sick what is it called?
  6. When a madhumakhi loses her job what is it called?

    Answers are:

    1. Bee-ki-knee
    2. Bee-har
    3. Bee-loved
    4. Bee-chara
    5. Bee-mar
    6. Bee-kar

    More later :-)


SMM said...

He hee...loved bee ki knee. So did my Mom n Dad n grandmom :P

Anonymous said...

mental agony!

Rachita Bansal said...

ha ha ha.. i like this particular mental agony.. quite sweet it is