Monday, December 29, 2008


I have been contemplating for some time now about posting about my religious views. I recall a friend saying that it’s nice that I am "religious' when she saw me visiting a Gurudwara on Lohri. So i started to wonder out of the blue, in the shower, today. Am I? What constitutes religious? Praying, thinking of god, doing namaskar or bowing your head at every passing temple (happens an awful lot in India you know), cleanliness, or just doing your deeds and hence your karma? The holy man at whatever place of worship is, he does it for a living, like I advocate and doctors medicate. So what makes him give up his life in devotion? Is it his passion or is it his faith? Clergymen/pandits/maulvis have rape cases against them that religious?

On most mornings I wake up with a small little prayer. I just look up when I want to say something to "God". It’s been months since I have entered the mandir at my house. So what am I? I even try bribing him in my talks, like if you do this I will feed so many of “your” people, or help them or do "your" deeds. Get it? I like to think of myself as religious but not in the conventional sense of it. I would not waste money over lavish extensive ceremonies in the month of shravans (got something to do with our agrarian roots?). I would rather build a school in my native land when I amass enough. And if I still have more to spare...give it away at schemes… destitute homes, lunch at prisons. I think that is religion. Serving people, hence god.

My faith however does make me question Him every once in a while. When I hear of a 5 year old girl raped, see hungry children on the road, read of the mentally challenged chained to beds.... I wonder, does He do this too? Then why do I go back to Him asking Him to redeem all these people of their pain and suffering.

And I do not even want to start on extremists, because they are just warped people with the most warped version of politicised religion. Blind being led by the nose...forcing simple unsuspecting people like you and me into either victims or reactionaries, driving educated members of our society into the fascists' street. Some react by denouncing their faith or the outwardly expression of it at least to escape being attacked at the cost of religion while some wear it with pride and defiance.

But go ahead and pray for I know he listens to some of us. Thankfully, I am one of the lucky few. No complains Big Man. I may crib once in a while but I am essentially happy.


shikha said...

Pretty much like the new generation views...whereby acts and thoughts might not be as consistent. But just the tinkling of getting into this and pondering over it....justifies the thought.

I agree that have a soul conscience is enough to justify religion and God....ethics define a man..

your loyalty to yourself is religion.

Rachita Bansal said...

Cheeku, that was brilliant. I am wondering when will you start your own blog for the wonderful writer that you are :)

Arvind Gopal said...

Faith a very strong word but that what we all survive on. I dont know about being religious but i have never liked religion. So i rather call myself a humanist rather than anything else but what binds everyone together is faith in something. Cheers nice post!

Rachita Bansal said...

I guess thats what I am talking about as well. To do good deeds and to be humane and to put that above everything else

zephyr said...

interesting views... specially coz theyve been explained well..

btw u didnt tell me who I am? :D

SD? I am curious .. hehe..

Rachita Bansal said...

Can I spell your name out here?! :D I know who you are..

zephyr said...

no no.. dont do that... I still need a space for my angsty confessions.. :D

Rachita Bansal said...

Poona.. College.. SD :D