Sunday, January 29, 2006

Its all BULL

No no no! That’s not what I meant! This is with reference to the epitome of the greatest leisure pursuit of womankind, i-e shopping, i-e the Bullring. Sitting in the middle of Birmingham is the “Bullring”, the largest shopping mall in U.K, which is a house to 160 odd shops. May God bless all the women who get sores walking about the grand mall. In my second visit to the place since I’ve been in the grey land (which was surprisingly sunny albeit windy today), I’d little to shop (strictly for folks) but ended up buying nothing for them, raison d'aitre- lack of sufficient number of sales.

Anyhow, miraculously I found an extremely cheap pair of boots for myself (wicked grin). The whole day spent with Anna (da doll) was a welcome break from the brown lakeside and the beige uni. Big wok welcomed us strictly for 1 hr for lunch – 40 unlimited food items for 4.99 quids. The “strictly for 1 hr” factor arose from the fact that it was Chinese New Year and the weekend, so we had to stand in queue for a while and asked to gobble up the delicacies in limited period of time, which obviously didn’t deter our feminine spirits, we being not the glut pigs that men are. (giggle giggle).

The piercing North Atlantic wind welcomed us back to Coventry. Whatever happened to the silly BBC weather forecast of impending snow?

Aah… another day in the brown room with the lappy, all by myself… and not to mention the depressing amount of reading which is pending.

As the Brits say “Cheers mate!”!!

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