Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today tomorrow and forever

After spending a year of my life to my committed decision of pursuing LLM in U.K, I got into my choice of Uni. Like all educational institutions, it has got its upsides and downsides. But it's giving me something new, something I used to crave for- a multicultural experience and global knowledge on going-ons.

The heart still yearns for the carefree, funfilled, and soul enriching days of Poona, but then that's the phase of our life which we will always cherish. The bike rides to see the sunset at NDA, the innumerable movies (late nights shows at E Square, Alka and the ilk), the chicken biryani at Sai (yummmmm) and the endless star gazing.. the HRC meetings, the activism, the boiling of blood at the mere sight of atrocities (some things will never change)...

I have loved it so far here in the lil grey island (a little bigger than our Punjab). Excellent faculty (at least the one in the first term, second one just started.. too soon to comment) and a very mixed class. Getting to learn new things everyday. However, the biggest kicks in life have been to hang out at Rootes Bar, the Learning Grid (Rachita Bansal finally learns the lesson of hard work, spoke to soon maybe!), to watch trashy hindi serials online (which I wouldn't give a second look back home- anything in the name of entertainment), to see the lake frozen and yes, the biggest of them all- sunlight! People, don't ever underestimate the power of the yellow blob. Sincerely waiting for the summer, when it apparently stays out till 9pm! woooohooo!

Later ya all..

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