Sunday, November 23, 2008

Smoke from the book

She had not made up her mind. It dilly dallied between and weighed the pros and cons. The sound of shahnai zoomed through the speakers and she tilted her tired head when she remembered old times, the lost school of grey and blue, the forgotten college of black and white, and the faraway university of snow and green. The insanities of life had been hovering around her head and finally came crashing on her petite mind in one swish blow. She is taking time off from the world to find her lost self again. She opened the book and like a waft of wind, the words rose from the pages and collected into a smoke cloud of thoughts over the paper. Like enchanted dust, it swayed and formed a mind of its own. It was going to teleport her, yet again :-)


SMM said...

Hey gurl...sorry couldn't manage to call ya even before you left. Anyway have a great time with the folks...enjoyy and we'l meet up when you get back

pankaj said...

ghar waale shade karne ko keh rahe hain?

Rachita Bansal said...

Na, the shahnai is from the song- yeh jo des hai mera- from Swades.