Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank You

A lot of people have asked me why I have renamed by blog as “Woman with Parasol”. Well, I love a painting with the same title by Claude Monet and also generally tend to think of myself as a woman holding a parasol over others. Where our parasols are held high and the mind is without fear... That would get Tagore turning in his urn/grave/Ganges.

I have made some new friends and found some old ones in the closet of the dreamy past. I have a stand-in miia of course, in the form Mr. Gill, despite the amount of time we spend insulting each other.

There is a general prevailing feeling of gratuity and I would like to thank a long list of people here (I generally do not go into a tirade of my personal life, but well, there is a first for everything). I have met so many people in the last 26 years that I feel a need to tell them, that I care and thank them for being there:

Mum/dad- for being you and letting me be me and for the blood in my veins, for your honesty, help, TLC, and for being super

Karan Bansal- The balanced, mature younger one, for being born

Karanvir Gill: For being my pillar, my support, my friend and so much more, and for always being the ubiquitous sounding board, miss u Gilly boy

Sayak Sahu: For teaching me about love and life, for being the one but not nearly, for teaching me the meaning of "unconditional"

Shikha Khera: The silent love of my life, the one who endures and endures my oblivion and frequent disappearances and is still found standing by me

Nitin Aggarwal: Tintin, the misadventurer :-) the most honest friend one can ask for, the one you can count no matter what, the one I will always care for no matter what.

Bani Dhillon: The teddy bear, softie inside, softie outside, the ever forgiving and loving friend

Navneet Gill: for knowing and loving and caring and being there

Anna Puthuran: The soul sister, the fellow vagabond, the mutual admiration society, the witch and the lover, the child and the mother, all rolled into one, I live my life through her, things I can’t do, she does them for me

Shreya Datta: The older sister I never had, hell the sister that I never had. The hardcore bong, the one who I just can’t do without, and have never needed a reason to be friends with her. We connect ... period... right Gina?

Priyanka Chirimar: The senior I care for the most, the confidante and the mentor, the lone weed in the willow, the strongest thread in the weave

Rohit Syal: My friend from the last century, perhaps the last birth, my friend who is me in so many ways, we are the same people in different circumstances and situations, same wine in different bottles

Gurman Singh: For the being fellow prankster, the joker, the friend and now the doctor

Kanwar Brara: The boy who became a man, someone I admire deeply for his perseverance, there is nothing we haven’t shared and talked about, he kept me going through the toughest phase in my life.. Thank u Kanwar

Titli Datta: Means so much more to me than the butterfly will ever know. I value her opinion, love her sense of humour, admire her outlook on work and life, the friend from my last job I hold very dear

Supriya Mahajan: For being the kali maa, the lovely feisty lady, the lovely friend and the super confidante

Xerxes Ranina, Kamni Ahuja, Thomas James, Vani Panicker, Ajit Anekar, Liberata Fernandes, Manav Raheja, Shabana Raikar, Vishaka Vaswani: For making my first job easy, for making me feel like I was going to school every day- sans exams, for being such a big emotional support in Bombay

Shubhra Chatterji: for all the colours in my life, for all the random jokes, the past revelations and jubilations, for midnight snacks, for rides in rain and for being herself. Shu.. love u

Abhay Jhina and Kaustubh George: For being the closest friends in college, the two people I believe in truly, the two who I love for hoards of reasons, but mostly their honesty, affection, mad sense of humour, crazy ideas and intellect

Manvi Priya, Vibhor Juyal, Ronojoy Basu and Jaskirat Bawa: for being the loveliest juniors ever

Shikhar Kacker: For being an unconditional, giving and caring friend

Neha Varma: For being non-judgmental, for being the drinking buddy and the fellow man-hater

Vishal Yaduvanshi: For the reality check he often provides me with, and for being such an ardent admirer of my writing, thanks Yadu

Supriya Yadav: For redefining the word “sweet” and the one Bihari dame who simply rocks

Tenzing Choesang: For having smaller eyes than me, thank God! Just joking. For being a sounding board, a fellow old woman, a fellow single woman, and a friend in need who is really the friend indeed :D

Aman Sidhu and Aparna Jain: For being great friends and comrades, for being there for me at Warwick, for being the family that we didn’t have there

Dwijen Rangnekar: For his unflinching support and concern, for his help when those responsible did not help, for being a wonderful human being, a friend and a professor and for the much needed guidance at all steps

Class of 2005-2006, LLM, University of Warwick: For electing me chair of SSLC and for all the support always

Moneesha Lanba and Vani Panicker: For being the best roommates ever and for the mindless jokes, endless cups of coffee, Reiki and Bruno healing sessions, for knocking some sense into me when I needed it the most

Ajit Anekar and Alok Tewari: For teaching me how not to let success get to you, how to remain humble, young and polite, how much fun Corporate Law Firm Partners can be, and what great friends too!

Jyoti: For finding me and for letting me know you

Indira Jaising: For replying to a year old mail (which changed my life)

For all those who I may have missed, sorry but do let me know ;-)


SMM said...

Heyyyyyyy this seems to be a week of acknowledgments Rach...Love ya too girl :)

Kanwar said...

Thanks for acknowledging me Rachu. You have been my agony aunt when needed, day or night. Hope this friendship stays forever. :-)

Vishal said...

Truly Special !!

Shubhra said...

Thanks Rach! You made my day :D and now I've given up all work and lapsed into silly, nostalgia-ridden recollections of those very 'rides in the rain'. And it just struck me that your blog speaks somewhat like that, you know, a ride in the rain...liberating, reflective, with a hint of mischief and adventure! Maybe the ride was always yours, I just happened to have the bike! Love ya.

Rachita Bansal said...

supriya: love u right back
kanwar: it will stay forever, koi shaq?
vishal: u r special too
shu: u have no clue how beautifully u rite urself, bheja fry 2 girl.. love u. and yes, the ride was ours to take together, we were in it together.not incidental to each other's existence.

radio.protest said...

Woah!!! I actually made d list!

But seriously, i think uve helped in pushing me 2 understand that every jigsaw piece doesnt exacltly and necessarily have to go in the same place.

And your blogz become one of the many important reasons why i shud start writing again.

Manvi Priya said...

Thank u! N coz I will never make dis list myself - thanx for always being dere as a soundin brd n d best consultant ever on evthng! U always do thngs both of us want to, which gives me d luxury of learning frm yr experiences! He He.......
Love u!!!

Rachita Bansal said...

manvi n vib: thanks little ones, i will always be ur mommy for everything, u have both always made me feel very special and wanted and i hope we all stay that way for the longest time to come, xxx

Arjun said...

Yikes.... I married KALI MA!!!

titli said...

I can think of two ppl uv missed out...;-))

Rachita Bansal said...

oh those two were missed out coz they deserve a special place in the potty :D

and yes arjun, sorry to be the one to break this to u, but u married a crusader, aka, modern kali ma

Jyoti said...

its like the oscars :)
but seriously...i m so glad and thankful that I found you..i swear, truly special!!

thusspakerono said...

Rachita, you'll always be the big sister I never had...:)

gina said...

thanx hon ...i am so blessed to ahve u in my life darling sis...

depraved, deranged and determined to be happy said...

rachi, you sweet love o mine, you touched my heart..yet again..i love u tonnnessssss. thanks, im honoured to have made the list.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You the talented person

Anonymous said...

Very nicce!

Anonymous said...

So drunk...