Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Big Brother

The two lectures I had today made me think a lot about WTO’s policies. The small farmers in developing countries who cannot even afford electricity and water have their subsidies cut at the hands of the very institution which is supposed to further their cause. The developing countries face the highest tariffs, are made to open up their markets to foreign products and given pitiful concessions. And adding to the pressure on the foreign aid starved countries are the other two biggies- IMF and World Bank. Notwithstanding these facts, the world trade share of developing nations is on a steady rise and according to some, “a bad deal is better than no deal”. But post-imperialism and colonialism, the least that the developed countries can do is indulge in reparation and help the third world grow faster, because some countries still get “no deal”. The tyrant called U.S took the baton from U.K, France, Spain and Portugal a long time ago as far as imperialism is concerned and loves to dictate to the world what it deems fit for the growth of its own economy even if it’s detrimental for its own society; a case in point being the Gun ownership laws in U.S (Columbine massacre, etc).

In fact one would be interested in catching the movie, “Why we fight”, to understand why U.S needs to go to war every now and then, to push its economy.

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