Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nostradamus and the WW III

I first heard about the bloke when I was 7yrs old, not an age for very intellectual discussions, but an older schoolmate actually told me about all the horrible things he had predicted and that some guy drank from his skull in his tomb and died. Bla bla… Ok that’s close enough for a kid his age. The French Revolutionaries who broke into his tomb in 18th century were ambushed and killed to the last on their way back, just as he had predicted. But what intrigues me and I’m sure people world over is the method used by him to get his predictions and the visions themselves. Some say he saw them in a bowl full of water, some say he saw them while watching a dancing flame of fire, and of the course the very popular one- that he used his knowledge of herbology to concoct a mixture which gave him his visions.

There is a massive confusion amongst the quatrain readers about the actual year of the next world war, but most say it should be between 2000-2012- the complete annihilation. Interpreters and critics strongly disagree on the quatrains due to the faux reports where words from different verses have been combined to give a new meaning. But, if one is to read the actual verses, he would see that the words seem to be coded. The actual vindication of the seers' prophecies is spread out over the history of last 400 years. However, I haven’t been able to digest the interpretation of his Century X quatrains- that a South Indian man will rule the world in a couple of years time!! Like that is ever going to happen.

So are we really going to live for another couple of years? That’s going to be a new excuse for being a spud.

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