Thursday, February 02, 2006

Paving the road ahead…

When I stood for the Staff Student Liaison Committee Elections, it wasn’t just another go at student politics; but it was to give a voice to the issues that lie underneath the skin, that seldom get heard as they should. The driving force of a good educational institution is a combination of its administrators, academic staff and its pro-active students. Its foundation is made stronger when a democratic platform is provided to the students that make up its very structure and body to voice their opinions and more importantly- their grievances. And we all know that no educational institution is perfect.

At the meeting today, which I chaired, as we spoke about the issues concerning us and the fellow coursemates, I felt extremely satisfied because I got the Academics present there to think about the issues concerning us and to try and resolve the same. The issues were far more serious and consequential than the last term and hence, had to be put across as tactfully as possible. Paving the road ahead for the next batch to come... How I wish that our seniors would have taken some drastic measures to fix the holes in the walls!!

My dear little cousin had come visiting to check out the Maths department in my Uni and we had a great time together. Drove down to the little Punjabi dominated area of Foleshill and picked up spices and bhindi and seekh kebabs. The best thing about staying in the U.K is that India is never too far. You’ll find your countrymen just around the corner. I heard that Leicester has even got some gol-gappa vendors!! (I won’t even mention Southall)

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