Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Judgement error as always !!!

As someone way smarter than anyone I know said once, “Colleges should examine the number of words spoken in a minute by a Prof before hiring him”… yawn… The sleep still lingers around; such was the effect of slow talk in a class.

The sumptuous chicken made my day, food helps “you see”.. he he he.. for those who know what this means, laugh on loud.

For anyone who thinks that all racquet games are similar, it’s time to do some serious reconsideration. After taking squash classes for the last 4 weeks now, I think if I don’t play tennis well in the future and respond to every down-the-liner by a lob, I would know whom to blame.

For myriad reasons unknown to the mankind (maybe with the exception of psycho-analysts), women do what they want even if they know it isn’t the best for them. I tried reading for the IP seminar in the Humanities porters lounge area when the Library was a minute’s walk from there. Whatever incited me to do that! 6 women of different shapes and sized descended precisely 4 minutes after I started feeling comfortable and starting chatting about all things I categorize as irksome- which member of backstreet boys gave up dope, which celebrity got divorced, how Ms. Jolie had her lips operated upon and so on and so forth. JEEZ!

At the seminar, I managed to get my words out and tried to make some comprehensible shit about something I was not so well versed with, thanks to aforementioned incident.

Hit the bed the moment I entered the room. Is it the cold, is it the seminar, who can tell!!

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